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Here at the Williamson Manufacturing Company Ltd we have nearly two decades of experience in the design and manufacture of peristaltic pumps and know that the selection of the correct peristaltic pump and peristaltic tubing for the right application is critical to the success or failure of a particular pump.

There are many benefits to using peristaltic pumps in a wide range of applications, but before covering the benefits we should outline precisely WHAT IS A PERISTALTIC PUMP?

The term "peristalsis" is originally a medical term to describe the way food is squeezed through the digestive system. A typical medical definition describes " a series of normal coordinated, rhythmic muscle contractions that occurs automatically to move food through the digestive tract, urine from the kidneys through the ureters into the bladder, and bile from the gallbladder into the duodenum. Peristalsis is a normal function of the body to move fluid from one place to another ." More ...

We can suppy any of the following types of pumps: Aquarium pumps, Aquatic pumps, Beverage pumps, Booster pumps, Chemical dosing pumps, Chemical injection pumps, Chemical pumps, Cleaning fluid pumps, Condensate removal pumps, Detergent pumps, Dishwasher dosing pumps, Dispensing pumps, Dosing pumps, Drain dosing pumps, Drain pumps, Fluid sampling pumps, Grease trap dosing pumps, Hand wash pumps, Industrial pumps, Lift pumps, Nutrient pumps, Open frame pumps, Printing chemical pumps, Printing plate pump, Printing pumps, Processor pumps, Recirculation pumps, Sampling pumps, Soft drinks pumps, Solar pumps, Spray pumps, Sterilizing pumps, Sump pumps, Syrup pumps, Transfer pumps, Vacuum pumps, Vending pumps, Wastewater pumps and Water pumps.

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