4000 series pump head only

4000 series pump head only

Our Price:  £210.00


Part Number:  4000-PH/2.4

4000 series pump head

Note: The pump head is supplied without tubing.

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4000 Series Peristaltic Pump
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A high flow peristaltic pump (up to 3.5L per minute) with easy tube change. The pump is available with a brushed DC drive, available in 12 or 24VDC and 230v AC drive with various speed options. There are tube material & size options.
2.4 WT tubing For use in 350/810/4000 series pumps
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2.4 WT Peristaltic pump tubing by the metre

Peristaltic pump tubing 2.4mm wall thickness for 4000 Series pumps.