150 Series Peristaltic Pump

150 Series Peristaltic Pump

Our Price:  £104.00


Part Number:  150-245-012-201-3

The Williamson 150 series peristaltic pump is capable of delivering liquids at up to 180ml/min
There is an option (minimum order quantity 10 off applies) for an integrated positional encoder for control loop feedback to accurately dispense desired volumes of liquids (call office for details).
12V & 24VDC brushed DC motor gearboxes and stepper motors are offered (minimum order 10 off applies to non-stock motors).

There is a choice of tube diameters and materials.
The standard pump has 3 rollers but the pump is available with an option of 6 rollers - contact our Sales Office for details.
The pump can be used with continuous tubing or with a fitted tube set.
The unit is panel mounting and self primes from dry (2 metres).
A unique hinged lid allows for quick removal of cover and tubing for fast and easy tube replacement.

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