200 Series Mini Peristaltic Pump

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Motor Cover & flying leads fitted (available for DC pumps only)
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The mini range of peristaltic pumps has been designed to offer the OEM a low cost compact and reliable means of dosing a wide range of liquids. As with all peristaltic pumps they have excellent suction performance, self priming up to 5 metres from dry and capable of pumping up to 15 metres head pressure. Peristaltic pumps offer a good level of accuracy and repeatability and as only the tube contacts the pumped media, they are corrosion resistant, easy to clean and inexpensive to maintain. Depending on tubing ID and motor voltage & RPM, the 200 series pump offers flow rates between 13.5 microlitres/min and 430ml/min. The range of stock motors (including DC, stepper & AC synchronous) to fit the 200 series mini pump heads gives a good choice of performance and is adaptable to many existing installations. Variable speed drive controllers can be supplied to meet customers requirements. In addition to motor/pump assemblies the 200 series pump is available as a pump head only, fitted with various tube materials and with a choice or 2, 3, 4 or 6 rollers. For materials not shown on the website please contact our office for further details.

For pump head only select option using Motor rpm / voltage drop down.

Note: Not all Motors options have sufficient torque for 4 or 6 roller rotors with all tube materials and therefore should only be selected if using Silicon tube.

The 200 series is also available with a reed sensor output for pump rotation confirmation. This comprises 1 or 2 magnets fitted into the pump rotor with a normally open reed switch mounted in the pump backplate giving either 1 pulse or 2 pulses per pump rotation. Please see datasheet for details.

The 200 series pump head is now available in orange tint instead of blue tick check box if required.

Optional motor terminal cover & flying leads are available for DC motor driven pumps:  The 5,18,35 & 70 rpm pumps have a screwed cover and 230mm long leads, the 150,220 & 330 rpm pumps have a push fit cover and 200mm long leads.

200 Series Data and instruction sheets
200 Series Cad Files