LDS4 Mains powered clock timer controlled dosing pump

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Developed for timed dosing of various applications including drain & grease traps, urinals and water treatment. The Mains powered (100/230v) unit utilises an easy to use custom programmable control unit & our standard 200 series pump head and includes features such as: Flow calibration, battery backup & the option to pass code protect settings. The mains powered units are available with Internal, Wall mount or Plug in power supplies, Standard or Hi-flow output and are available with Silicone or Santoprene pump tubing in standard flow and additionally with Tygon Norprene®, Viton® & Tygon Norprene Chemical® in High flow. Both standard and Hi flow come with 5mm bore tubing by default but 3mm tubing is available in the high flow variants.  

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LDS4 Data Sheets