100 Series Dual Stacked Peristaltic pump

(£28.73 Inc. VAT)
Motor Cover & flying leads fitted (available for DC pumps only)
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Dual stacked peristaltic pump for dosing two different fluids at either the same rate or as a ratio by using two different tube sizes.

Available with Brushed DC, Synchronous AC or Stepper motors.

Standard product supplied with 2 roller pump heads with the same tube material in both.

For differing tube materials, 4 roller pump heads and alternative motor speeds / voltages please contact the sale office.

Optional motor terminal cover & flying leads are available for DC motor driven pumps:  The 5,18,35 & 70 rpm pumps have a screwed cover and 230mm long leads, the 150,220 & 330 rpm pumps have a push fit cover and 200mm long leads.

100 Series stacked Cad files
100 Series Stacked Data Sheets